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Sales & Selling made as simple as humanly possible in several ways

Life is so random, and business so competitive ...

Are you getting the easy things right?

For example, I've found there is one very simple reason why smart, successful, even famous people don't close the deals they really should close.

I’ve seen it with big-name celebrities, like Axl Rose.

I’ve seen it with legendary silicon valley types, like the inventor of MP3.

I’ve even seen this happen with New York Times best-selling authors.

These kinds of brilliant people should be listened to because even their worst ideas are usually worth buying into.

But what these big names and successful people don’t realize ...

  • Brilliant insights don’t sell.
  • Facts and figures, even when perfectly accurate, don’t sell.
  • A new and better product doesn’t sell automatically.
  • And the promise of huge profits might attract attention ... but still doesn’t sell.

And I can tell you exactly why.

As someone who has written over a thousand sales and investor presentations, as well as shown 1000+ entrepreneurs, investors, and companies how to sell products and big ideas -

I’ve learned what it takes to get someone to “pay attention” ... and to buy.

Here’s the big secret: You can have a brilliant idea, a great product, you can offer the best value the world has ever seen, and you can promise to cure cancer, bring Tupac back and have the Dallas Cowboys win the 2020 Superbowl, but this is the only thing that matters:


Let me give you an example of this in the field of investing:

Yes, of course I WOULD LIKE to double my money by investing in you. But you're offering me stock your bitcoin startup. Since I’m only 1% certain I’ll get my money back, sorry, I’m “OUT.”

Oh, now you want me to invest in your plan to renovate and flip three houses in your neighborhood and make $20,000 in 4-weeks for my trouble. And, hey, you’ve already done this same thing five times successfully, and I’m 90% certain you can pull it off again. Great! I'm "IN".

In other words, in what universe would you find yourself investing your retirement funds in bitcoin over "flipping a house"?

You wouldn’t.

In fact, even the wealthiest and craziest and most out-there investors won’t do it. Because the “certainty” in cybercurrency is too low.

Certainty creates sales, or kills them.

Why you should trust me on this:

I’ve been going to pitch meetings for a long time.

When I was 31, I got 2.5 million dollars for an "idea" on 1-sheet of paper.

I once flew to Europe, pitched a French Company for 15 million, and got it.

I've done the same thing, asked for money, and got it, hundreds of times.

So I can tell you that there is no more valuable skill in today’s digital age than understanding the science behind creating the feeling of certainty.

One of the more useful insights that emerged for me from five years of studying ways to create certainty is how a buyer craves certainty in a similar way to how he craves food, sex, and other primary rewards.

Uncertainty matters too.

A sense of uncertainty generates a strong threat or 'alert' response.

Uncertainty is a type of pain, something to be avoided. Certainty, on the other hand, feels rewarding, and we tend to steer toward it.

Everyone is anxious about the future.

Since buyers are so anxious, it doesn’t help the buyer to hear you promise how your great product will work perfectly. Or your great company will be a huge success. This does nothing because you are self-motivated to say these things.

Instead, here’s one way to quickly create certainty.

First, think how much your market is changing. Products. Competitors. Regulation. Technology.

So instead of promising this-or-that about your product, show people how well you understand The Most Important Changes going on.

Interpret what The Changes mean, and what will likely happen.

  • iPhones have become boring. Why? Because Steve Jobs died?
  • Tesla doesn't make money. Will Ford and Mercedes kill them off?
  • Social Responsibility is now critical to making money. What changed?
  • Copper pipes are no longer a first choice in home construction. WHY?

(note: copper mining and manufacturing are so environmentally damaging that despite its longevity and recyclability, copper plumbing pipe is nowhere close to a green product.)

When you speak with authority about changes in your market ...

You create a feeling of certainty. You make people feel that FINALLY, someone around here knows what's going on. Knows how things work. And knows what's going to happen next, and what will and won't work.

How good are you at this? Well, let's see. Just send me your "Big Changes in the Market" scripts. I'll read yours on my podcast and give credit to the best ones.

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