KYA: Know Your Audience

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KYA - Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience helps you in figuring out just what words will make people take notice of what it is that you have to say. When you know your audience, you’ll know what you want to say in your marketing. But what exactly does it mean to KYA?

By learning about your audience, you will better understand what they care about, what to say, and how to say it. By knowing your audience you can cater your marketing to speak directly to them: what their pain points are, what challenges they face, and a list of their ultimate goals.

The more you can speak directly to your audience, demonstrating that you completely understand them and their problems, values, beliefs, and attitudes, the more they will feel that they can better trust and depend upon you. When you do this, it can have a substantial impact on your business. From an increase in leads, customers, and referrals, to conversion rates and sales, by making your audience feel as though you understand them, you will reap the benefits.

While things such as demographics can often help, they are not enough to develop the full picture in terms of who your audience is, and how they actually feel. Psychographics are more helpful than demographics in that they share a little bit more about things that your audience is interested in, active with, and opinionated on, that may help to position your marketing. For example, you may learn that your audience is interested in social media marketing. With this knowledge in hand, you can make decisions to best reach your audience (e.g. market on social media).

So how can you better understand your audience? There are quite a few ways. Here are a few:

  1. Look at your competitors – especially those who have found success – and from their mediums to their brand voice, take note of the techniques that they are using.
  2. Research. Research. Research. Conduct market research in order to determine things previously mentioned such as demographics and psychographics. Although you cannot figure everything out from looking at data, you can certainly form some conclusions.
  3. Utilize human connection. We are inundated daily with technology. And while tech can certainly be beneficial and save time, it cannot replace real, in-person, human connection. By speaking with multiple clients – or prospects – you can start to gain a better understanding of things that they have in common.
  4. Pay Attention. While it’s nice to receive likes and shares, comments and other types of real engagements/interactions with your company can give you more insight into how your target audience really feels. The popularity of certain posts on social media can serve to suggest the things that your audience cares most about.
  5. Ask Away. This may seem a bit obvious, but when you don’t know something, sometimes the best thing that you can do is ask. A reliable way of doing so is through conducting surveys. You can outright ask the questions you have and get answers directly “from the horse’s mouth.”

If you want to successfully market to your target audience, you must know who that audience is. By speaking directly to your audience and helping them/guiding them to solve a problem that you articulate, you can increase engagement -- and ultimately your bottom line.

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