Find out why 90.88% of website get NO organic traffic from Google

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Quick question for you today:

Would you believe me if I said that most websites get ZERO organic search visitors from Google?

Well, here's the truth:

Ahrefs studied ~ 1 billion pages in their Content Explorer index and discovered that 90% of those pages get ZERO organic search traffic from Google.

That sucks because it means people aren’t getting the SEO results they want.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that you can be a part of the 10% of websites that DOES get tons of free organic search visitors from Google.

Here’s how:

First, you need to do a little bit of math.

Don’t worry:

This is simple math.

Trust me, if it was complex mathematics I would be clueless. In fact, here's a funny story:

Every new freshman at my college had to take a math exam to see whether or not you had to take any math classes.

There were only 3 outcomes possible with this exam: 

  1. You passed and didn’t have to take any math classes
  2. You didn’t pass and you had to a basic math class… or
  3. You did so horrible on the test that you had to get 1-on-1 tutoring with a math professor just to get into the basic math class.

And yup… I ended up in class #3 because of my (lack of) math abilities.

Why am I telling you this story?

First to illustrate that whatever result you’ve gotten in the past DOES NOT MATTER.

It has no effect on the outcomes that you can achieve today.


You don’t need to be good at math to get SEO results or grow a business!

So, here’s the simple math on how you’re going to systematically get more free organic search traffic and customers from Google.

Let’s say your goal is to get 100 organic search visitors per day.

Here's what you do:

  1. Build a list of keywords using tools like the Google Keyword Planner, UberSuggest, and Ahrefs.
  2. Select a group of keywords that equates to 30,000 searches per month.

Then if we assume you’ll get around 10% organic CTR after you rank, you will officially be getting 100 visitors per day. 

Isn’t that amazingly simple?

Here's the second thing you need to do:

I assume you may need help. So, simply fill out the form below and we can explain how we can help you rank on the first page of Google for your target keywords.

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