Does this Marketing Make Me Look Fat?

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Does this Marketing make me look fat?

Imagine this. You’re getting ready for a night out when a friend looks at you and throws out that dreaded, age-old question: “Does this dress make me look fat?” Your mind starts churning and your palms begin to sweat with the idea of having to respond.

Now, assuming that she does not look good, there are two ways that this could feasibly go. You could choose to say something insulting about how unflattering it is, or you could choose to compliment how much nicer she looks in something else; These are two different ways of expressing the same thing (that she should not wear the dress). Yet each will likely result in a different response, a different outcome.

Marketing is not all that different.


Well, when it comes to marketing a product, much of our outcomes depend not only upon what we say, but how we say it. It is not enough to have a clear idea of what we want to communicate to others. Without a clear understanding of how to communicate it, that desired messaging could easily be lost.

For example: hearing a description of the daily special from your server would be very different than hearing it from the chef.

There are a few reasons for that. Aside from the chef’s authority as a food expert, chances are that he or she would describe the dish in a manner very different from someone without their vocabulary and understanding of cooking techniques and flavor profiles.

The impact of how things are said can also be seen from the success that one company has over another one selling the same thing. Let’s imagine for a moment that each of two companies share the same goal: they want people to purchase their jeans. However, the manner in which they market their jeans affects how they are seen by the intended audience, and ultimately, how many pairs of jeans are actually sold. Both companies have the same message, but how they execute that messaging can yield entirely different results.

So what does it actually mean to know how to market a specific message? Knowing the right way to market a message is dependent upon quite a few things. One of the most important: knowing your audience. You would not speak in the same manner to a grandparent, as you would while out with friends for some beers. That’s because you understand the idea of communicating appropriately to those with whom you are speaking.

The same thing goes for marketing. Understanding whom your intended audience is helps to determine the manner in which you convey a message – no matter the message. In fact, sharing this information with you right now would look very different if you were a different audience. So the next time you care to get a message across, ask yourself: are you saying it the right way?

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