7 actual reasons people decide to buy from you, instead of your competitors

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Here’s the 7 actual reasons people decide to buy from you, instead of your competitors.

Reason #1: You just sell better

A trained salesperson will out-gun, out-frame and out-sell a regular salesperson. Even if you give the trained guy or gal a more expensive product to sell with less powerful features, he’ll still win the deal. There are more than 100,000 salespeople I’ve trained using guided methods and each one will easily take sales and deals away from the "regular guys."

Reason #2: You are on every search, blog, video and review they look at.

Here's a perfect example: I had just emailed the author Chris Ducker about doing a podcast with me, he said two things:

  1. Hey Travis, I see ConnecTheDot everywhere!
  2. YES.

When the prospect sees you all over and "everywhere" then real social proof kicks-in. Not the fake social proof where you put the Wall St. Journal and 5 other logos on your website. But REAL SOCIAL PROOF where you are on the top of all channels. Social Proof works because it's based on our need to belong.

Think of it like this, when you're going to see the latest Avengers movie, you're really doing more than going to a movie. You're actually joining a group that has shared the same experience.

When the potential customer sees you everywhere,

  • on reviews,
  • websites, blogs,
  • videos, social media and
  • hears about you from other people,

You create a desire in him. He wants to join the growing group of people who already love you (and he will feel safer buying from you because there's safety in numbers.)

Reason #3: Your “business personality” perfectly matches your actual personality

People buy from people they trust ... BUT ... it can take a year to develop REAL trust.

"A year? Travis are you crazy? I need to close some deals tomorrow."

Of course you do! We all do.

Instead of relying on "trust", work the authenticity effect. This is effective when you're short on time. How? Just make sure the things you do in business match-up to the things you do in personal life.

For example, we sponsor a NASCAR race and use it all over our marketing. WHY? Is it because a hardworking media rep sold us the ad placement?

Hell no.

It's because we absolutely LOVE racing, we go to the races and we talk about cars all the time – not sometimes, but all the time.

So when I'm trying to close a deal, I don't steer into subjects about weather, basketball, politics, cooking, beer making or space travel. I'm an idiot on all those topics - and they aren't authentically things I care about.

Authenticity gives people a feeling of certainty about you and makes you believable.

Reason #4: The customer has consumed everything you’ve published -- and still wants more

When a prospect has been reading your content, watching your videos, interacting with your social media, joining your groups, using your “trial” products and then finally reaches out to talk to you, he’s either going to buy from you, or nobody.

Reason #5: The competition messed up

I bought a new vehicle last week which was more complicated than it sounds because it is very rare and costly. Who got the sale and my money? Not the first guy I tried to buy it from. And I tried really hard to buy it from him.

This guy had my sale on lock-down, because he actually HAD THE VEHICLE in stock, but then he lost the sale because he was lazy and difficult to work with. I moved on quickly.

My money went to the second dealership I called, even though I had to work hard to find them and hunt them down.

Reason #6: You sent clear scope of work and an invoice

Many times a prospect will be “evaluating” you and getting "bids" from three competitors to find "the best deal."

I found that many times, while the buyer is doing all this "corporate due diligence," they start running in circles as their problem gets worse.

Sometimes, they become fatigued by the process, and as the problem gets worse they just have to pick one of you as fast as possible.

If your agreement is in front of them, it's easy for them to literally just sign it and pay your invoice. DEAL CLOSED.

If I had to take all the things listed in this email and pick the most valuable, it would be this:

Reason #7: You have solved their kind of problem 50 times before and can talk endlessly about it

When a prospect comes to me and they need a better way to raise money, I breathe a sigh of relief. It's going to be an easy deal BECAUSE this is something I can do in my sleep.

I can take one look at what they are doing and point to 17 things that aren’t working correctly. I have dozens and dozens of examples, a million stories, reams of data and infinity-level details about THEIR PROBLEM. I never have to talk about our solution, or how good we are. The more I know about the problem, the more credible I am to fix it.

My absolute familiarity with their problem builds credibility.

(While my presentations, podcasts, books and reviews provide social proof... And my clear scope-of-work, agreement and invoice provide a straight path to the sale.)

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